Scientific Program

Keynote Lecture

Prof. Shimon Sakaguchi (Osaka University, Japan)

Special Lecture

How shall we validate International GL of IPF 2018?



Pathogenesis and Basic Research

  • How P. acnes associate to build up Sarcoidosis?
  • Mycobacteria
  • Search for T cell epitopes in sarcoidosis
  • Etiology/Pathology

ILD diagnosis (radiology or biomarkers etc.)

  • When will machines replace radiologists for diagnosis of ILDs
  • What is the difference between interstitial lung abnormalities and IPF?
  • How useful is Extracellular Matrix for evaluating Activity of ILD?
  • Genetic Impact of Worsening Activity of UIP?

Pulmonary Sarcoidosis

  • How should we treat pulmonary sarcoidosis?
  • FDG-PET for sarcoidosis –WASOG Task Force report
  • What endpoints should be used for assessment of outcomes in sarcoidosis
  • Genetics of pulmonary sarcoidosis?

Cardiac sarcoidosis

Eye sarcoidosis


IIPs/IPF diagnosis guideline (radiology or biomarkers etc.)

  • How to interpret radiology aspects of the guidelines
  • Why the new guidelines are appropriate: ATS Guidelines
  • Limitations of the guidelines Fleischener

Management of IIPs/IPF

  • Trend of IPF Treatment
  • Treatment of NSIP
  • Strategy for Acute Exacerbation of IPF
  • How to manage comorbidities in IIPs?

IPF and Lung Cancer – A Neglected Problem or A call to Arms

  • Epidemiology and Existing Data
  • IPF and Lung Cancer Diagnosis and Management: A World Survey
  • Common Pathogenetic Mechanisms
  • Patients with IPF and lung cancer: A much needed consensus


Related and Rare Lung Diseases (CHP, CTD-ILD, LAM, PAP and pneumoconiosis etc.)

  • IPAF
  • IgG4-related lung disease
  • CHP
  • New Entities: PPFE, SRIF, CPFE, ACIF