Conference Objective

Conference Objectives

In recent years the trend of international cooperation is remarkable, WASOG has developed annual meeting for other Interstitial Lung Diseases (ILDs) that need to distinguish from Sarcoidosis. It is not an exaggeration to say that organs that cause Sarcoidosis that has yet to be elucidated is not limited to the respiratory system, there are no organs such as skin, nerve, heart, bone, kidney, etc. to avoid. The aging and fibrosis of each organ is also a common topic of aging society.
On the other hand, diseases characterized by granulomas are not limited to Sarcoidosis, but include diseases of unknown origin such as infectious disease condition, inflammatory bowel disease, vasculitis and the like.
In WASOG/JSSOG 2019, we take these crosscuttingly and offer places of exchanges to medical staffs that are beyond the specialized field and present the development to the future.


Participants include researchers, health care professionals; i.e. doctors public health nurses, clinical nurses, basic researchers and pharmacists, public administrators, people in pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment manufactures working on sarcoidosis, other granulomatous disorders and fibrotic organ impairments. These contributors will come from worldwide.